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If you are going to visit Pampanga, it is of the essence that you have the correct information especially when it comes to medical faculties. One of the most renowned of the many hospitals there is the Angeles City Medical Center.

Location and Contact Information

The medical facility can be found at Rizal Street. If you are driving by MacArthur Highway you will be able to see it clearly. Getting a ride to the area is easy enough considering that the street is traversed by a lot of motor vehicles. If you want to get in touch with the hospital staff, the number to call is (63 45) 322-4632. This is the number you can call not just if you are interested in getting facts about its rates and fees, but also any other matter like asking for directions for getting to the Angeles City Medical Center.

Facilities and Services

One of the difficulties that one faces when in the province is that a lot of the hospitals there have inadequate service or outdated medical facilities. Fortunately that is not the case in Angeles as there are a lot of quality hospitals in the area. In some cases it is due to funding from the local government. 3333 angel number meaning

In other instances it is more due to the fact it gets donations from other medical institutions from other countries. This is the case with the Angeles City Medical Center, which has benefited from the help it has gotten from its affiliates in the United States of America.

Among the services that the hospital offers are consultations and checkups for ear, nose throat infections, ophthalmology, OB-GYNE, gastroenterology, as well as anesthesiology, general surgery and many more. The hospital furthermore, is run by a highly trained staff. From the doctors to nurses to the other personnel at the medical facility, one is assured of a high level of competence all around.

Of course, the people here are also well known not just for their service, but also for their friendliness and genuine care for their patients, something that the people of the Philippines are well known for. The rates here are also very reasonable especially when you take into account the high tech and state of the art equipment that they utilize.

The Angeles City Medical Center assures both local residents and foreigners who visit the city of Angeles that there is a facility that can look over and take care of you should an emergency situation arise.


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